Decorative Stretched Bottles

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As well as offering a simple-yet-effective smoking solution, stretched beer bottles can act as a quirky decorative ornament to add a touch of devilish charm to your living space. At Bosac International, we pride ourselves in creating funky glass smoke pieces for both aesthetic and practical purposes, and use instantly recognisable recycled Australian beer bottles when creating our stretched beer bottles. If you’re looking to buy a VB stretched beer bottle to add a decorative twist to your bedroom or would like to explore our full range of smoke pieces and stretched beer bottle bongs for sale, browse our full range here.

How does Bosac Create Stretched Beer Bottles?

Glass stretching is an effective method of reusing empty glass bottles to both promote sustainable consumption to ensure the longevity of the environment and act as a practical method of recycling, allowing you to avoid sending your empty bottles to overflowing landfill heaps or waiting for council glass collection days. Bosac’s method of creating decorative stretched beer bottles and stretched beer bottle bongs utilises a technique known as ‘slumping,’ where bottles are placed in a kiln and heated until soft, then meticulously moulded to form their stretched shape.

This unique process ensures that all of our stretched beer bottles and bongs available online are totally different from the next, giving you the opportunity to buy a one-of-one custom glass piece with a twist. Our heating procedure is monitored closely to ensure that the original colours and textures of the beer bottle remain throughout the stretching process, allowing you to buy a VB stretched beer bottle to act as a quirky centrepiece for your living space. Check out our extensive range of stretched beer bottles and bongs online!

Australia’s Favourite Stretched Beer Bottle Bongs, For Sale Online

Whether you’re purchasing one for decorative or practical purposes, we promise to ship your stretched beer bottle bong to you in the safest and most discrete manner possible. With more than 20 years of experience in creating and selling stretched beer bottles and bongs, we can guarantee that when you buy a stretched beer bottle bong from Bosac, you’ll be receiving the finest quality home-made craftsmanship available in Australia.

If you’d like to enquire about one of our VB stretched beer bottles or would like any other branded beer bottle stretched into a decorative ornament or bong, we can help you out. Click here to submit an enquiry, and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible to discuss our wide variety of stretched beer bottle bongs for sale.