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Looking to add to a quirky touch of Australiana to your smoking sessions? Need a memorable gift for a special beer and bong lover in your life? At Bosac International, our beer bottle bongs are the perfect solution to all your smoking and decorative needs. With their unique handmade construction and cheeky appropriations of classic Australian brands and tourist destinations, our bongs are custom made to ensure high quality and a smooth smoking experience – no two bongs created by Bosac are the same! Browse our full range of beer bottle bongs for sale here, or enquire about buying a custom beer bottle bong online.

Smoke Like Never Before With a Beer Bottle Bong

With over 20 years of experience in creating decorative stretched glass bottles and beer bottle bongs, Bosa International are one of Australia’s most unique and reliable providers of quality smoke pieces. Across our extensive career, we have created thousands of beer bottle bongs for local markets, retail outlets and international export markets. Our unique ‘slumping’ method of glass stretching ensures that each beer bottle bong purchased though Bosa is 100% distinct from the next, and we only utilise the best quality recycled beer bottles and cone-piece components in our constructions. If you’re in the market to buy beer bottle bongs online, look no further than Bosa – view our full range here.

Unique Beer Bottle Bongs for Seasoned Smokers

Our beer bottle bongs for sale online are among some of the most distinctive available Down Under, and offer a quirky tongue in cheek appearance to reflect Australia’s uniquely quirky culture. With designs featuring iconic Australian locations, tourism destinations and beer bottle brands, our stretched glass beer bottle bongs are perfect for adding that touch of cheekiness to your house today. This makes our bongs the suitable for even the most experienced, old school smokers who are seeking something handmade and out of the norm to add to their collections.

Homemade Beer Bottle Bongs, Online

At Bosa, we ship all of our beer bottle bongs purchased online in the most protective and discreet postage method available, allowing you to receive your bong straight to your door with no extra stress. If you have any questions about our products or would like to order a custom made beer bottle bong, enquire online to hear back from us as soon as possible.

As well as creating beer bottle bongs for smoking purposes, we also pride ourselves on forging unique decorative stretched beer bottle ornaments – see more here.