Buy One-Of-A-Kind Glass Bongs Online, Shipped Australia-Wide

Whether you’re a utilitarian or an aesthetician when it comes to your bongs, you’ll love our range of stretched beer bottle bongs for sale. Already much-loved decorative conversation starters in homes across the country, our bongs and stretched bottles are highly effective and durable works of art at an affordable price. Browse our range today and find your favourite or enquire about a custom-made bong to better suit your tastes.

How are stretched glass bottle bongs made?

We’ve got many years’ experience perfecting the art of turning beer bottles into beautiful and functioning bongs or captivating decorative pieces. Also known as slumping, a stretched beer bottle is made by placing the bottle of choice into a kiln in order to soften and stretch the glass. This highly custom process ensures that each bottle bong we produce is one-of-kind. We’re careful to heat the glass with expertise in order to keep the colour and texture unchanged – so that you’ll have all the features you love from your favourite bottle of beer reimagined into a stretched bong. Whether you’re a VB lover or a XXXX Gold enthusiast, we’re certain that we’ve got your next glass bong for sale right here in Australia – click here to find your future new bong today!

Who is Bosac?

Bosac has been involved in the bottle stretching business for the past 20 years, during this time we have produced thousands of stretched bottles (from used beer, wine, specialty bottles & soft drink bottles) and have sold them to international export markets, retail outlets and directly at Flea / Trash and Treasure markets.

Now you can purchase them online here, either Decorative Stretched Bottles or our Featured Beer Bottle Bongs.

More than bongs

We not only sell standout beer bottle bongs, but also have a range of decorative stretched beer bottles for a unique decorative statement for a unique client. Our pieces adorn living rooms, bedrooms and more Australia-wide, and they can adorn yours too.

We’re here to help you!

Are you interested in buying a beer bottle bong for yourself, or a friend? If you can’t see the beer brand or design you love amongst our selection, feel free to get in touch to enquire about a custom bong. For any other questions, we’re here to help answer them! Fill in our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you quicker than quick.